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Meet your Mortgage Broker Peterborough

Lee Gathercole and Neezam Romjon, Mortgage and Protection Advisers at Rebus, based in Peterborough, talk us through the role of a mortgage broker and how they can help you during the process of moving or buying your first home.

What is the role of a mortgage broker?

Whether you’re buying your first home or moving house we’re here to provide advice and help you find the right  mortgage product. We make sure you can get a mortgage, but also that you can keep your home by advising on life insurance, income protection and other types of cover. We compare all the options from a multiple of different mortgage banks and building societies. That gives you peace of mind that you’re applying to a suitable lender and getting a competitive deal.

What’s the difference between going to a mortgage broker and your local high street bank?

The biggest difference is the approach. With a bank, they still give you advice, but only on their own products – their priority is to make sure that you tick all the boxes for their mortgages. When you approach a mortgage broker, it’s the other way around. We find the right lender or products for you. We start by getting to know you and your preferences and your plans. Then, rather than trying to push you into a box that you might not fit or might not necessarily be the most competitive for you, we take your circumstances and find the right lender for you from our panel of lenders. Every client is different and that’s what I really love about this job. Every time the phone rings, you’re talking to somebody that’s in a different situation.

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What services does a mortgage broker offer?

Our core service is to find a good mortgage deal and help you navigate the home buying process. Where we really add value is where we provide a ‘recommendation call’, where we provide our advice and recommendations for the specific mortgage, but also for protection as well.

We talk to you about protecting your income against loss of earnings, if you couldn’t work because of illness or injury. How would you pay the mortgage and your bills? We can also help you choose a solicitor and get a survey done, and find home insurance for buildings and contents.

A lot of people appreciate the general support we provide on the property purchase. Even if you’re an experienced home mover, it’s good to have more clarity on the next step in the process. We also help by liaising with estate agents, your solicitor and the lender. We will check you have the documentation you need on time, too. In addition, we help people with Buy to Let properties and all the responsibilities of being a landlord.

When should I see a mortgage broker? At what stage in the process?

We always encourage anyone to speak to us as early as possible. Even if you’re just starting to think about buying a property, it helps to know what you need to aim for and when you’ll be ready to start looking. We talk to people every day who aren’t actually in a position to buy yet – they don’t have their full deposit ready or don’t know how much they can borrow.

We can help put a plan in place: suggesting the deposit you need or setting your property budget to keep your monthly payments affordable. We also help people understand things like stamp duty and why you need a solicitor.

An initial call with us might last 30 minutes, and it’s an informal chat to explain the process, how much you could borrow and the fees you could expect.

What makes Peterborough a good place to buy property?

Peterborough is a fast growing city – you just need to take a drive around to see many homes being built. There’s so much investment in the city centre at the moment and planned for the next five years, including a new University.

Peterborough has great transport links by road and train. It’s just 48 minutes to King’s Cross by rail and the city is right on the A1. It’s a great city to live in.

We’re Peterborough born and bred, this is our hometown. We now know it really well, we understand the property market here and in the surrounding areas and we have relationships with a lot of different agents in the city. Clients really like the fact that we know so much about Peterborough as a place to live.

Tell us more about Rebus?

We launched the business in April 2019, so it’s a relatively new company, but as mortgage advisers we have a lot of experience. We both used to work together and, in fact, we went to school together!

We have very similar views on the property process, the market, the industry, and what’s important to us personally.

The reason why we set Rebus up stemmed from our personal experience of buying a home. Even as experienced mortgage advisers, it wasn’t easy. It was complicated. It was confusing. There’s so much jargon and you often feel like you’ve missed something or aren’t clear about the process.

So we wanted to make it easier for people to buy a home, especially First Time Buyers. It shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. And now we’re here to help and take some of that stress away. Just get in touch – we’ll love to help.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it. 

Some buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

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Mortgage Broker Peterborough

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